Mirror Crushed Glass

Mirror Crushed Glass

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Our mirror clear crushed glass is a stunning inclusion to your work geode, mix media, river tables.  Can also be used in vases and many other things

It is also a stunning inclusion to concrete benchtops and driveways 

Mirror Glass not only achieves versatility through various application types, but it also has double-sided beauty.

What this means is that the mirror glass has two faces; one side is the reflective mirror and the other is the clear glass look.

Therefore each application will be 100% unique as it all depends on how it lands when distributed over the concrete.

You will get a stunning combination of clear glass and mirror glass.

Spaces can feel more open as natural light reflects off the mirror glass and is then projected around the area.

Add your mirror glass with any of our other crushed glass for a truly stunning effect 

.Always remember to wash your glass before you add it to any media to remove dust so the glass glistens in all its glory.

 our glass is tumbled but may still have some edges, always wear gloves

Available in resealable pouches in two sizes 500gms and 1 kilo for larger quantities please contact us for a price..

This glass is truly stunning with excellent clarity and transparency.