Dark Green and Floating Gold  Resin Geode Board

Dark Green and Floating Gold Resin Geode Board

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This is a stunning piece 30 cm round board  3mm thick on white acrylic with colours from Aphoonah Designs mica pigments of floating  Gold,  Dark Green, Silvery White Pearl and Titanium White Pigment used in many layers to greater a beautiful 3d look.  Clear Quartz crystal chips and stunning glitter give this piece a beautiful glitzy look.

This piece is made with crushed glass, Aphoonah pigments, glitter, and intricately layered with epoxy resin. One of a kind, original piece.

Great for luxury rooms, nature lovers, collectors, and lovers of unique art. Makes a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all special occasions. Because each piece is made with either real glass or crystals, they may contain hard edges sticking out of the resin, handle with caution.

Finished off with a ceramic coating 30 cm wide done on acrylic would make an awesome art piece on its own or can be used for crystal grind work or place that favourite candle on it.

- Hand wash only with a wet cloth.
- Do not submerge in water
- Not dishwasher friendly
- Leave to dry upright.
- Do not cut directly on the resin with sharp knives.