Galactic Golden Turtle Resin Board

Galactic Golden Turtle Resin Board

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Turtles reserve a special place in the spiritual dominion of creation. As creatures that have survived the prehistoric era, they have a connection to the planet that stretches far back to the beginning of life itself.

Turtles also represent the dualistic of creation both masculine and feminine which represents logic and intuition.

Turtles also ask to be in sync and flow with the energies so we can have the wisdom of self-awareness and limitless manifesting potential 

Turtles are very attuned to these dualistic energies, being creatures that function in both water and on land. 

Each layer of light language on this beautiful board represents the land and sea bringing forth to you layers of ancient wisdom and healing from the Galactic Turtle as you move forward in the golden age and beyond.

No two boards are the same from the artwork to the light language as Rebeca allows the resin to flow and the light language is channelled for each separate board.

Each piece is a one of kind.

Aphooonah Designs only use food-grade resin and cosmetic grade mica pigments on all of their boards.

This piece has been coated with a ceramic coating to give it extra protection from scratches.