Galactic Golden Dolphin Resin Board

Galactic Golden Dolphin Resin Board

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We are often guilty of neglecting our ability to communicate and this can range from ignoring/misinterpreting people, talking too much when it is not needed, or at times not communicating at all.

The wisdom of this Galactic Golden Dolphin will help you to open your voice and your ears.

Most of all the Galactic Golden Dolphin though the light language will connect you to your inner child,   Have you ever just sat and watched just how playful dolphins are.

We as humans have forgotten how to play with wild abandonment and curiosity.

There has never been a more important time than now for all of humanity to let go of the stress and play.

Dolphins are symbolic of fearlessness and inner strength peace, harmony and community.

The Dolphin brings healing energies to our mind body and spirit.  It also helps us to enhance our communication skills and intuitive abilities. 

When one connects with the energy of the dolphin it takes you on a mysterious journey of endless possibilities. 

The light language on this beautiful board is encoded to help you truly open your communication skills connect with your inner child so you can play with abandonment and be taken on a journey of endless possibilities,

Through layers of ancient wisdom and healing from the Galactic Dolphin as you move forward in the golden age and beyond.

No two boards are the same from the artwork to the light language as Rebeca allows the resin to flow and the light language is channelled for each separate board.

Each piece is a one of kind.

Aphooonah Designs only use food-grade resin and cosmetic grade mica pigments on all of their boards.

This piece has been coated with a ceramic coating to give it extra protection from scratches.