Golden Galactic  Whale Shark Resin Board

Golden Galactic Whale Shark Resin Board

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  (Gypsy of the Deep) The biggest shark in the world. Generally, the type who wait for others to approach them instead of the other way around, and are often better off for it. They attract souls who are just as curious, intelligent, and open-minded as they are.

They are graceful yet powerful. Each whale shark has a unique pattern of spots and stripes no two are the same.

The Galactic Whale Shark reminds you of your own unique individualism and unlimitedness

When you connect with the Golden Galactic Whale shark she will take you on an interdimensional journey through time and space.

The Golden Galactic Whale shark will remind you that you are the soul having a human experience here on Earth and connect you with many different intergalactic worlds. 

The Golden Galactic Whale shark will help you balance your power and gracefulness to enable you to have less conflict in your everyday life.

The light language on this beautiful board is encoded to help you truly remind you that you are the soul having the human experience.

It will connect you deeply with your inner self and so you can become more of who you are meant to be.

Through layers of ancient wisdom and healing from the Golden Galactic Whale as you move forward in the golden age and beyond.

No two boards are the same from the artwork to the light language as Rebeca allows the resin to flow and the light language is channelled for each separate board.

Each piece is a one of kind.

Aphooonah Designs only use food-grade resin and cosmetic grade mica pigments on all of their boards.

This piece has been coated with a ceramic coating to give it extra protection from scratches.